London, UK

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cape Town, South Africa

Marrakesh, Morocco

Five years ago, I started the Center for Family Connection in order to provide skilled services for children and families in the area of attachment, trauma and adoption.   I came to work in the area of attachment and trauma as I worked with families that adopted children who had been abused, neglected and/or experienced life in an orphanage.  Through my training and work, I have witnessed the devastating effects such early trauma can have on a developing child, and subsequently, their ability to form and sustain relatiionships.  As relationships are an important means by which we learn to navigate our world, it is critical that children and heir parents are helped to develop skills and have opportunities to heal fromthe past.  


Prior to developing my own practice, I was the clinical supervisor with a local adoption agency.  Over my almost 15 years there, I had the opportunity to work with birth parents, adoptive parents, adopted children and families who were involved in Indiana's child welfare system.  I also was given the opportunity to travel oversea's and experience other cultures as well as view orphanage life.  


As I have formed relationships with all members of the adoption triad, I have learned about their unique needs and gained understanding of their thoughts, feelings and experiences.  I am humbled to be a part of the adoption community as a therapist.

The following tenets are basic to my practice:

  • Parents are a critical component to the healing process

  • Parents benefit from addressing their own past trauma and relationship challenges

  • We develop and grow through our relationships with others

  • Therapy is most effective when it is provided in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance

  • Parents and children are doing the best they can

  • Therapists should work to stay abreast of current research regarding treatment in their areas of practice to ensure families have access to excellent services.